The Students at the Lausanne Youth Olympic Games 2020

The Youth Olympic Games are already over! Did you enjoy them?  Let’s look back at this big event for Lausanne and how the students contributed to it.

The real ambition of the Youth Olympic Games is to inspire the new generation about sport, team spirit and excellence. The organising committee wished to offer young local players the opportunity to have an active role in the YOG. 130 000 students were involved in preparing and organising these Olympics games.



Source photo : Ski Club Romand Bienne 

The Vortex is a student accommodation close to UNIL and EPFL which will host around 1000 students after the YOG.  It is a circular building with a huge central courtyard. Jean-Pierre Dürig's goal (the architect) was to create a single slope of 3 kilometres in the building, leading to 8 floors. After hosting the athletes of the YouthOlympic Games, the Vortex will be then used for the students of Lausanne.



How Yodli came to life?  Around 140 students from Eracom, a local art and communication school, contributed to design the mascot. The various drafts were shown to school children from Lausanne to collect feedback and adapt Yodli. The students found their inspiration in the Swiss nature: blue for the lakes, grey for the mountain stones, and yellow for typical Swiss cheese.



Students of the HEMU were invited to create the anthem that accompanied the YOG. It is finally Gaspard Colin’s song, a former student in Jazz, that seduced the jury. If you pay attention, you can detect Swiss elements in it such as Alphorns and the four Swiss native languages. This song was selected thanks to its rhythm which sounds like the energy of Sport. 



3800 volunteers helped create a positive atmosphere during the Winter Youth Olympic Games.

" Kids are great, they fall down, they try again, they don't let go! I really feel like they love sports and the YOG makes them smile!I also had a chance to meet with athletes and share about their passion. I've made new friends. All volunteers are instantly recognisable with their pink and blue uniform, I feel like I belong to a family. I will leave Lausanne 2020 with memories to cherish”. Lou 22


 Lausanne 2020 worked closely with UNIL, EPFL and the CHUV, in order to prepare an educational program for the athletes during the YOG. This program included training guidance, media management, prevention of concussion in Sport, and meetings with champions. The activities allowed the athletes to test their mobility and coordination, with the aim of receiving personalized advices.

While athletes benefit from this innovative program, the general public was not left behind. Indeed, some of these tests were also presented to the general public in the Vaudoise Arena partners' village. These experiences will also be offered to the population in the new "SmartTraining" building that will be built within the UNIL/EFPL sports center in 2021.

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